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Product Information

CalMag can be installed on both hot and cold water lines in order to prevent limescale build up.

The unit is supplied with standard 15mm fittings, for 22mm pipework please see CalGlow.

  • Can be adapted to work with both compression and push fit connections. 
  • Does not require earth bonding unless fitted with push fit connections. 


After installation the following effects should be seen :

  • After regular contact with the treated water, formation of hard limescale around taps and sinks will start to soften and break up.
  • Limescale build up around showerheads will start to fall away. (Initially your shower head may become blocked, this is due to the loose limescale clogging the water jets) To reslove this problem simply remove the showerhead and clean out and debris.
  • Your central heating system will start to operate more effictively, which in time will allow you to lower the water temperature and therefore save money on your heating bills.

Technical Specifications



Product Name
& Fittings
External Diameter Internal Diameter
Length Maximum Flow Rate Maximum Working Pressure Maximum Working Temperature Full Metal Body Earth Bonding Required
CalMag (Compression) 22 mm 15 mm 190 mm (15mm) 1.08 l/sec
14 gpm
12 bar (168 psi) 100 Degree C YES NO

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