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Product Information

 CalTronic is our non-intrusive scale inhibitor which operates by the transmission of variable frequency radio waves through antenna which wrap around your pipework and create an electrical pulse within the water supply. The pulsing radio waves induce a single polarity into the water and therefore cause calcium and magnesium to repel and as a result stops the formation of Hard Limescale. The Caltronic also aids in the breakdown of existing limescale within pipework and appliances that use the water source. 

  • Works effectively on any pipework, including lead and plastic pipes.
  • Can be fitted to 15, 22, 28, 35, and 42mm pipes. 
  • Maintenance free.
Technical Specifications
Height (mm) 100mm
Width (mm) 100mm
Depth (mm) 40mm
Material Nickel plated polypropylene
Maximum working pressure N/A
Tested to N/A
Maximum temperature 65°C
Maximum flow rate 2.16 l/sec (28gpm)
Electrical supply 3 L/Sec (40 GPM).
5 amp fuse built in to 240V
- 50hz unit with a standard sealed plug 3 pin socket, on 2 metre length of 2 core mains lead.

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