Clack Duplex Water Softeners

Clack Duplex Water Softeners

Clack Duplex water softeners consist of two vessels filled with softening resin and one brine tank which is used to regenerate each vessel in turn. In normal use one vessel is on line (duty) and the other is in standby. When the duty vessel becomes saturated it is regenerated while the standby unit becomes the duty unit. Systems are sized so they run for at least 12 hours. Parallel systems are also available.

Whats Included?

All Water Softener kits listed above come complete with everything required, you will just need to connect the inlet, outlet, drain and power. Simplex Softener kits include the following parts :

Control Valve

Clack Control Valve


Inlet and Outlet Connections


Appropriately sized resin vessel.

Riser Baskets

Top and bottom baskets and riser tubes.

Brine Tank

Brine tank and drain tube assembly.


Appropriate amount of softener resin.

Brine & Drain Line

2 Meters of brine and drain line


Full installation instructions.

More Features

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