Clack Simplex Water Softeners

Clack Simplex Water Softeners

The Clack Water Softener Units are suitable for Commercial, industrial and residential applications. All of our systems are either Time Clock or meter controlled with the meter controlled systems being the more expensive of the two options.

The benefit of a meter controlled system is that it allows the system to calculate your water usage and instigate a regeneration cycle only when you have consumed enough water for the resin bed to be exhausted.

These systems prevent any unnecessary water wastage and also ensure that your resin bed is never running past the state of exhaustion. Timer controls although less robust are extremely reliable and consistent.

Whats Included?

All Water Softener kits listed above come complete with everything required, you will just need to connect the inlet, outlet, drain and power. Simplex Softener kits include the following parts :

Control Valve

Clack Control Valve


Inlet and Outlet Connections


Appropriately sized resin vessel.

Riser Baskets

Top and bottom baskets and riser tubes.

Brine Tank

Brine tank and drain tube assembly.


Appropriate amount of softener resin.

Brine & Drain Line

2 Meters of brine and drain line


Full installation instructions.

More Features

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