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Water Softener FAQ's

Q : How much salt will a water softener require?

A: The answer to this question really depends on the hardness of your water supply, an area with a very hard water supply will require more salt to soften the water than an area with softer water.



Q : Will a water softener operate correctly with a combi boiler?

A: Yes, water softeners will function correctly with combi-boilers. Also the water softener will help to remove scale deposits within your boiler and help to improve the performance of your heating system. 



Q : Will a water softener work with a pressurised water system?

A: Yes, all our water softeners are designed in the UK, therefore they are manufactured with british household plumbing systems in mind, our range of water softeners are able to cope with both high and low flow rate water supplies. 



Q : What size are your water softeners?

A: The size of the softener depends on the make and model, in most cases you will find a technical data sheet on the softener product pages giving you the dimensions. The smallest water softener in our range The Lancaster is designed to fit under kitchen units. If you are unsure then please give our support team a call, they will be more than happy to help. 



Q : Will installing a water softener alter the pH balance of the water?

A: In some cases yes, this change depends on the water quality of the incoming water supply, even in the most extreme circumstances the pH balance will only shift very slightly.   



Q : Can a water softener help alleviate certain skin conditions?

A: Yes, a study by the university of nottingham on water softeners revealed that water softeners can help to reduce the effects of eczema. Please see this document for further information on this study.



Q : Will my softened water supply be considered safe to drink?

A: Again, the answer to this question depends in the quality of the incoming water supply, in the majority of cases the water produced by the softener will comply with water quality regulations and therefore will be safe to consume, however in extreme hard water areas the level of sodium within the softened water may be excessive, in this instance a separate drinking water tap should be installed. Our *free water testing kits would give you a good indication of the level of harness within your current water supply. 



Q : Does a water softener remove any other chemicals from the water supply?

A: The sole purpose of a water softener is to exchange positively charged ions such a calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, they will not exchange negative ions such as nitrate, fluoride, chloride etc. 




Q : Will I be able to take my water softener with me if i move house?

A: Yes. All the water softeners we sell are simple to remove from your existing water supply and transfer to another house. 




Q : What will happen to the scale build up within my pipe work when a water softener has been installed?

A: The softened water will begin to gradually dissolve the limescale build-up within pipework and plumbing and will eventually pass through the system, this process will not effect the operation of your water softener or heating system.  

















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