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Mineral substance within drinking water

Our body can inform us of what minerals, fluids, food items and other materials it will allow us to digest, and subsequently the ones it identifies as alien or foreign matter and as a result proceed to reject them.

The pathological identity of inorganic minerals like those within highly mineralised water is very easily demonstrated. Take your white corpuscle (blood cell) count six to eight hours after you have last consumed any food or water. It ought to be about 6,000 per milliliter. Subsequently, consume an ordinary glass of hard, mineral drinking water. Your white blood cell count will signifacantly rise, in some instances your white blood count will more than double!

This particular phenomena is known as Leucocytosis and it is our body's protection tool reacting (via a heightened white cell count) to an invading organism, germ, an infection or foreign substance. Whenever pure water, fruit, vegetables along with other naturally-grown products are consumed, your white blood cell level will remain the same.

The consumption of processed foods and heavily mineralised drinking water leads our bodys defence mechanism to spring into action increasing white blood cells & prepares the body to do batte with the invading species.

Water is certainly our own most effective cleaning agent, eradicating harmful toxins and byproducts from the body whilst furnishing pure hydrogen and oxygen to cellular material as well as tissue.

The actual detoxification capabilities of pure water will be reduced whenever it includes significant amounts of minerals , the bodys organs that must eliminate these substances are also put under stress by this process.

Many people that encounter a "rush" whenever they consume mineral water most likely misread this alleged sensation as merely one's bodily organs working at an increased rate to remove excessive mineral deposits that the body can't make use of.

Spas depend on mineral water baths and drinks in order to kick the patient's eliminative organs into high gear

The American Medical Journal stated that:

"The body's need for minerals is essentially fulfilled through foods, not drinking water".

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