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Water Hardness Area Map

water softeners hardness area map

water softness area 1

Soft to moderatly soft water area

1 - 100ppm as Calcium Carbonate

water softness area 2

Medium to moderatly hard water area

100 - 200ppm as Calcium Carbonate

water softness area 3

Hard to very hard water area

Above 200ppm as Calcium Carbonate


Water Hardness by County
Beds Hard to very hard Lancashire Soft to moderatly soft
Berkshire Hard to very hard Leicestershire Medium to moderatly hard
Bucks Hard to very hard Lincolnshire Hard to very hard
Cambs Hard to very hard Norfolk Hard to very hard
Cheshire Medium to moderatly hard Northants Medium to moderatly hard
Cornwall Soft to moderatly soft Northumberland Medium to moderatly hard
Cumbria Soft to moderatly soft Notts Medium to moderatly hard
Derbs Medium to moderatly hard Oxfordshire Hard to very hard
Devon Soft to moderatly soft Rutland Medium to moderatly hard
Dorset Hard to very hard Shropshire Medium to moderatly hard
Durham Soft to moderatly soft Somerset Soft to moderatly soft
Essex Hard to very hard Staffs Medium to moderatly hard
Glous Hard to very hard Suffolk Hard to very hard
Greater London Medium to moderatly hard Surrey Hard to very hard
Hampshire Hard to very hard Sussex Hard to very hard
Herefs Medium to moderatly hard Wars Medium to moderatly hard
Herts Hard to very hard Wiltshire Hard to very hard
Kent Hard to very hard Worcs Medium to moderatly hard
Yorkshire Hard to very hard

• Please note - The above table is only an approximation of water hardness areas within England.

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