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Water Hardness Testing Monitor

water hardness testing monitorThe Testomat® ECO is used for the automatic measuring and monitoring of the total water hardness.

The parameter to be measured is determined by the choice of the reagent and by the corresponding user program.

Reagents available for the Testomat® ECO The various measuring parameters and ranges are determined by the choice of the reagents. The table gives a summary of the different possibilities.

Parameter/Type of reagent
unit measurement   Water hardness TH 2005 Water hardness TH 2025 Water hardness TH 2100 Water hardness TH 2250
/dH (Resolution) 0.05 - 0.50 (0.01) 0.25 - 2.50 (0.05) 1.0 - 10.0 (0.2) 2.5 - 25.0 (0.2)
/f (Resolution) 0.09 - 0.89 (0.02) 0.45 - 4.48 (0.1) 1.79 - 17.9 (0.4) 4.48 - 44.8 (0.4)
ppm CaCO3
0.89 - 8.93 (0.2) 4.47 - 44.7 (0.9) 17.9 - 179 (3.8) 44.7 - 447 (3.8)
0.01 - 0.09 (0.01) 0.04 - 0.45 (0.01) 0.18 - 1.79 (0.04) 0.45 - 4.48 (0.04)

A consistently reliable result can be guaranteed by the TESTOMAT® ECO only with the use of original HEYL Testomat® 2000 reagents ! Failure or problems which are caused by the use of different indicators are not covered by the warranty or refund services.

Notes for the user

Repeated switching 'on' and 'off':

Wait at least for 5 seconds before you switch the unit repeatedly 'on' or 'off' at the main switch.

Observation of the environmental conditions:

In order to guarantee a reliable operation, the unit must only be used under the environmental conditions described in the technical data. Protect the controller against excessive humidity, condensation and water-splash.

Safety seal:

The original seals attached during manufacture (e.g. EPROM labels) must not be broken, otherwise all warranty rights are lost.

Malfunction / repair of defective units:

The repair of a defective unit is only possible when the unit is dismantled and returned to us with a description of the fault.This in no way affects the guarantee rights. In addition, please inform your supplier of the reagent type used and of the quality of treated water measured. Before you return the unit for repair, remove the reagent bottle and ensure that the measuring chamber is flushed out and empty.

Electrical load capacity

The maximum electrical load capacity of the relay outputs and the total power rating must not be exceeded.

Operate the Testomat® ECO strictly in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

Environmental protection regulations

Please observe the environmental protection regulations and collect any unused reagent for safe disposal in accordance with local statutory requirements.

Operational Checks

Careful handling of the unit increases both the operational reliability and the service life! Therefore the following visual inspection should be carried out at regular intervals.

Are the hose connections with the dosing pump free of leaks? • Is there any air inside the dosing hoses? • Are all the water connections free of leaks?

Are the doors of the unit properly closed?

Is the unit unduly contaminated with dirt?


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