Siata Simplex Water Softeners

Siata Simplex Water Softeners

Siata Simplex Water Softeners are famed for their simplicity in both installation and configuration. They can be used for a multitude of different applications in industrial, commercial and residential settings. Again, the product range is large and can be suited to most requirements and budgets.

Simplex valves are available in both Time clock or meter controlled.
Time clock systems are ideal for applications that do not require 24/7 soft water. The timer can be manually set to initiate regeneration at a time where soft water is least likely to be required.

Timers are usually automatically set to regenerate at 1am. Whilst the system undergoes the regeneration process, a bypass valve will allow for hard water to be available.

Meter controlled systems are more technically advanced. They calculate the permeate flow and from that, determine when to initiate the regeneration process according to your pre entered specifications. Once the permeate flow has hit the predetermined threshold, the regeneration cycle will ensue triggering the bypass valve. Once the system is in the regeneration cycle, hard water will be made available.

Siata Time Clock

Siata Meter Controlled

Whats Included?

All Water Softener kits listed above come complete with everything required, you will just need to connect the inlet, outlet, drain and power. Simplex Softener kits include the following parts :

Control Valve

Clack Control Valve


Inlet and Outlet Connections


Appropriately sized resin vessel.

Riser Baskets

Top and bottom baskets and riser tubes.

Brine Tank

Brine tank and drain tube assembly.


Appropriate amount of softener resin.

Brine & Drain Line

2 Meters of brine and drain line


Full installation instructions.

More Features

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